Rogue Agent

Director: Kai Barry

Actors: James Floyd, Noémie Merlant, Anthony LaPaglia, Dragan Micanovic, Jefferson Hall, Vanja Ejdus, Ljubomir Bandovic, Aleksandra Sirkic, Irfan Mensur, Branislav Tomasevic, Radoje Cupic, Predrag Ejdus, Djordje Markovic, Ilija Stojimirovic, Nebojsa Djordjevic

Production: Dominion Pictures

Genres: Drama, Thriller, Crime

Country: Serbia, USA

Release Year: 2015

Duration: 97 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: When Alex's rookie mistake cost the lives of his entire special forces team, he becomes the primary suspect of an international manhunt. On the run, Alex must piece together what really happened and track down the truth by re-creating the events of the ill-fated mission...

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